Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Plan

Hi all.
iv'e recently won an award at my 40k club ( allong whith a $75 gift voucher for the combat company and have chosen to invest it to 2 progects
1. my swarmlord/ hive tyrant
i bought a carnifex, greenstuff and an extra venom cannon (to make a heavy venom cannon)
my idea is to make it stand up (like this

for a tyrant, magnetise it and laterly change it to a swarmlord.

2.ymgarl genestealers

ive got one 3d ed stealer body left and enough arms for 5 stealers so i used $3.49 to buy 4 genestealer torsos/legs to go on my ymgarl.

i was looking through my stuff recently and i foun this little thingy

and it practicaly said to me i am a ymgarl arm!

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